Born online, raised in the house of design, educated in the school where business meets IT. As a result, Mads constantly see processes, and think about how he can structure them, through the use of IT, with greater benefit for the people involved, and make it all look good.

As a true third-culture kid, Mads has lived in both Beijing and Copenhagen and is currently contemplating, where his next adventure may take him. For now though, he works out of Copenhagen, travelling through Europe as a Senior Business Consultant, implementing CRM in organizations and integrating it with other external systems - all while ensuring the anchoring of organizational change. Aside from client work he also has a keen interest in cooking and design.

He writes in 140 characters at Twitter, makes new friends at Facebook, maintains professional relationships on LinkedIn, snaps photos with Instagram, checks-in at Foursquare and listens to music on Spotify.